It is with a great deal of sadness that I inform you of Elizabeth Hoffman's
quiet passing November 6, 2013.

A never smoker, Elizabeth was one of the founders and became President of CanSAR Survivior's Against Radon (CanSAR.) She went to Washington, D.C. with AARST in 2003 to begin working with Congress and various administrations of HUD and EPA to increase not only radon awareness but to improve our nation's archaic and ineffective radon policies. Several AARST board members may remember Elizabeth and Sue Michaels (another founder) attending an AARST meeting on that first occasion. In 2003, HUD would not talk about radon. In 2013, HUD instituted a policy regarding radon. She went back to Washington last year to help save the minimal dollars that the EPA budget office continues to try to cut. She was bald headed and happy and tired (from her Chemo treatment schedule) but extremely effective before Congress.

Read a copy of her testimony from that day.

She, like the other at CanSAR, did not get paid for this work. She was a volunteer. On that trip to D.C. in 2012, she requested to arrange for the delivery of radon test kits at her memorial service. She said she would pay for them. Two companies gladly donated radon test kits to her and she is going to make sure that everyone who attends her service will get a radon test kit. A trooper. She was planning to teach even in passing. She was a brave, outspoken and powerful woman. The epitomy of a hero.


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